Goodnite Anti-Snore Pillow by Nitetronic

Goodnite Anti-Snore Pillow by Nitetronic

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The goodnite™ Anti-Snore Pillow is Completely Non-Invasive, causes No Side-Effects, is Safe for Pregnant Women and You Can Easily Connect to Your Smart Phone to Monitor Your Snoring Reduction and Sleep Quality with the Nitelink2 App.

The only pillow that listens and adjusts to stop snoring!

  • Detects your snoring and adjusts head position
  • Continues to adjust until patient stops snoring
  • Patients and their partners get a deeper, more restful sleep
  • No need for medications, mouth guards or other devices
  • Free phone APP proves before/after results

New research has discovered that getting someone to stop snoring does NOT require you to roll them completely over to their side. Snoring stops if you simply “roll” their head to the side. The GOODNITE™ pillow continuously monitors your sleeping sounds and the position of your head on the pillow. When snoring is detected, it turns your head automatically to the side. This increases the distance between your tongue and throat to improve breathing. Snoring stops because the airway is widened. The pillow then stops adjusting your head.sheep.png

The GOODNITE™ pillow only becomes active when the integrated microphone detects snoring. It then inflates the corresponding air chamber inside the pillow to turn the head gently to the side until snoring stops.

The real genius of the GOODNITE™ pillow is its proprietary algorithm software. The software recognizes that you are snoring, knows exactly where your head is, and therefore which air bag(s) to inflate to make you stop. It inflates the correct airbag gently and quietly, so that you do not wake up. If that does not stop you from snoring, it inflates additional air bags to increase the rotation of your head.

  1. Comfort foam
  2. Air chambers
  3. Position sensors


  • Innovative multi-layer construction
  • Pneumatic controlled air-chambers
  • Smart snoring detection algorithm
  • Integrated position-sensors
  • Pillow surface with comfortable foam
  • Special noise protection

When should I recommend the GOODNITE™ Pillow? 

The GOODNITE™ pillow can improve the sleep of anyone (and their partners) who has regular, audible snoring. It is designed to detect the sound of snoring. This pillow is not recommended for patients diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. Since sleep apnea is when they stop breathing, there is no sound and the pillow will not adjust to improve breathing.

Please note, the pillow will not stop a patient from snoring. The goal of the GOODNITE™ pillow is to stop them from continuing to snore. It adjusts their head before they wake up from the sound, thus improving the quality of sleep and reducing airway obstruction.

goodnite pillow-softness

Patient can test their snoring levels for themselves. 

The APP allows patients to monitor their snoring before the pillow to assess severity and it shows the new, improved snoring percentage with the pillow.


Is it comfortable?


Yes. Although the GOODNITE™ pillow has many advanced layers of construction, its outmost layer is designed for comfort. Although to some it may seem a bit hard, you quickly get used to the firmness. It also has an ergonomic design to help promote good sleeping posture and spinal health. 

This seems expensive to me 

The GOODNITE™ pillow is actually more like a piece of medical equipment than a pillow. Compared to the price of sleep apnea machines, the pillow is a bargain. The technology included in this pillow will revolutionize how we treat snoring as medical professionals.

Where can I get the app?


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    Anti-Snore Pillow

    Posted by Carl on 2017 Sep 5th

    After some extensive searching I believe this pillow is well worth the investment. At first I was very skeptical about a pillow doing what it claimed it would do. But I can honestly say, that after getting it and trying it and using the iOS app I don't snore. While the pillow is expensive, it is worth it compared to CPAP machines or other aids.
    It does take a bit to get used to the pillow. I really was interested in the data that was recorded with the iOS app. The pillow will also work without using the app.

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