About Livvita

Live Life Better

Livvita prides itself on offering Canadians innovative, quality health products at competitive prices. We have been working closely with medical professionals for over two decades. We now offer many products to the public that were previously only available through health clinics.  Our focus is on products that:

  • Naturally Reduce Your Pain
  • Support or Prevent Injuries
  • Increase Exercise Results
  • Improve Mobility or Flexibility
  • Improve Overall Quality of Life

All prices are in Canadian dollars and we ship to Canadian addresses only.

The majority of our products can be easily used by a wide variety of ability levels and ages. We do however suggest you consult your healthcare provider before beginning with any new therapy, device or exercise. We do our best to describe our products and what they could be used for but this should never substitute for medical advice.

Doctors Advice Required

Products designated as Doctors Advice Required will require special instruction from a healthcare provider in order to use them. Please do not purchase these products unless your healthcare provider will provide you the exact levels or settings you need for your specific condition.